When it comes to hiring a luxury realtor, you want the best of the best. That is where luxury real estate agent Monika DeRoussel can help. Monika is Indian Hill’s top realtor and has a high success rate in selling luxury properties. Learn more about Monika and how she can help you sell your luxury home.

Known for Selling in a Hot Real Estate Market

It is a hot real estate market right now. This is the environment Monika thrives in when it comes to helping your family sell your home and find your dream home. You are looking at the largest investment of your life, so you want to have experience to protect you and take care of you from start to finish.

When it comes to purchasing or selling your home, Monika and her team do it every day. You probably do it once or twice in their lifetime. So, you want somebody who can navigate through the process of buying and selling a home and getting to the finish line without any hiccups or any troubles and protect your best interest from start to finish.

Works With You from Start to Finish

Monika is here for you from start to finish on your real estate journey. When it comes to pricing, inspections, reviewing contingency with you, she works to position you in the best position to either win.

Contingency and understanding contingencies are a big part of the real estate process. Having an agent who can explain those to you well as well as navigate through different contingency and explain risk is something that many agents might not understand the process the way the seasonal agent would especially when it comes to the high-end properties.

Monika Loves Being Indian Hill’s Top Realtor

When it comes to being the top realtor in Indian Hill, Monika loves helping people find their dream home. She is ready to make it happen.

Her Clients Keep Coming Back

The number one thing that differentiates Monika against other real estate agents is they trust her. They know that she has their best interests in mind. She tells her clients “Sit back and enjoy the ride. We’ll take care of you from start to finish.”

By taking away the fear or anxiety from the transaction, there is complete trust. Her clients rely on her experience, and they keep coming back because she delivers from start to finish.

Why Monika Chose the Luxury Market

Monika specializes in the Cincinnati luxury market. She has spent a lot of time in Los Angeles and studied the way those luxury properties are marketed. Ultimately, she felt like families in Cincinnati deserve the same marketing and advertising. The mission is to bring top-notch marketing and advertising to the high-end properties in Cincinnati just the way we feature and promote high properties all over the country. Monika wants to bring the next level of marketing and expertise to these high-end homes to promote them and advertise them the way they deserve.

Now is the best time to list your luxury home with Monika DeRoussel of eXp Realty. If you are interested in learning more about Monika and her real estate services, call today!