A luxury home is one that allows you to completely relax and feel spoiled in your own space. Luxury homes are not just homes that look extravagant and put together; rather, they are homes that ooze convenience. Luxury homes are the perfect combination of lavish living and ease. Think built-in home wellness areas and movie theaters. During your search for a comfort home, keep in mind these top luxury home needs.

Four Luxury Home Needs

When it comes to selling your luxury home, there are some aspects that appeal to buyers during the selling phase.


Luxury homes are an easy ‘model’ to fall into. When designing or searching for your dream grand home, do not forget about character. Any home, no matter the size or the price, should be a reflection of the people living inside. With a luxury home, character can be expressed in the amenities, paint colors, or furniture. Have fun with it!


It is no surprise that technology advances are fueling the real estate market currently. Buyers want it all! If you can dream it, it can be done. Technology in the home is all about what we talked about earlier: convenience. Your luxury home needs this. From controlling aspects of the home with your smart phone such as your thermostat, security system, blinds, and even locking and unlocking your doors, the possibilities for your dream home are endless. Do not shy away from the helping hand of technology when searching for your luxury home.

Outdoor Living

Waterfalls, swimming pools, putting greens, and outdoor kitchens all scream luxury. If you are seeking the most luxurious home, go for it all. Picture this: a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen with the most glorious swimming pool you have ever seen. That is a luxury that your family, friends, and guests are sure to fall in love with. Luxury amenities can be anything, be sure to choose amenities that align with your vision of luxury and convenience.

Home Gym

If you do not have time to go out to a gym or simply do not like to sweat in front of other people, a home gym is perfect for you. At its barest, a home gym is equipped with weights, treadmills, mirrors, and enough room to sweat it out. Your luxury home needs built-in wireless speakers, a sauna, TVs, and an indoor pool for your post-workout recovery.

Your definition of luxury may be different and that is okay! No matter what your dream luxurious home vision is, Monika DeRoussel can make it happen. Reach out today to start making your luxury your reality!