The kitchen is the heart of most homes, so you want to show your buyers that their potential kitchen is a warm but functional space. You can stage your kitchen for an open house with the following tips.

Clean Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the last room in your home that should be filthy. Imagine checking out the place you are going to be preparing meals only to find dust and stains. Give your kitchen a good cleaning, from the ceiling fan to the floor.

Declutter Your Kitchen

It is also important to tidy up and declutter before your open house. Start by putting away the dishes, and place your portable appliances in a closet or cabinet. This includes your toaster and coffee maker. Remove any coupons or sale papers from your kitchen to avoid an accumulation of paper.

Depersonalize Your Space

You are also going to depersonalize your items, such as the photographs, artwork, and magnets on your refrigerator. If you have any personal mail on the counter, be sure to discard it or put it away. This way, your potential buyers can imagine their own life in this space.

Staging Your Kitchen by Categorizing Your Items

While it may not seem important to categorize certain items, this is a great way to make a good impression on your buyers. One idea is to organize your pantry essentials by categories, such as baking, canned goods, and quick snacks.

Staging Your Kitchen Counter

Now that you have put away the dishes, paper, and portable appliances, you should have a clear counter. It is time to stage the counter for your buyers, which you can do with a flower arrangement, fruit basket or cookbook.

When you take the time to stage your kitchen, you are showing your buyers that this is a great space for them and their families or roommates.

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