With the bathroom being a room that is used multiple times a day, it is important to make sure this room is ready for your open house. Here are several tips for staging your bathroom for your potential buyers.

Clean The Bathroom

It is important to present a clean, healthy bathroom during your open house. This means you are going to need to roll up your sleeves and make your bathroom sparkle. You need to get rid of soap grime, mildew and mold before they become a problem.

Clear Out Certain Items When Staging A Bathroom

You also need to sort through your cabinets and drawers for unwanted medication, toiletries, grooming tools, and cleaning products. If any of these items are expired or damaged, toss them out immediately. You are making a good impression on your buyers and lightening the load for packing.

Put Out Fresh Linen

Just as you would put out fresh towels for your guests, you want to do the same for your buyers. One idea is to trade in the colored or monogrammed towels for plain, neutral-colored towels. You can also hang a clean, fluffy robe on the back of the bathroom door, and be sure to update your bathroom rug.

Opt For Neutral Pieces When Staging A Bathroom

Remember, a staged room should appeal to all buyers, so you want to put away the bathroom accessories of different characters and patterns. Play it safe by opting for ordinary accessories in neutral colors, so you do not create an eye-sore for any buyers.

Add-In Greenery and Candles

Of course, you can add a splash of color with a little greenery. Place a small houseplant or fresh flowers on your vanity or window sill. You can also place a softly-scented or unscented candle in the bathroom as another decorative piece.

When staging your home for an open house, you want to be sure you are showing off a bathroom that works for everyone.