When it is time to prepare your home for an open house, you may find yourself rearranging your living room furniture. You want to come up with a design that appeals to your potential buyers. The following tips can help you stage your living room furniture for an appealing open house.

Float Your Living Room Furniture

If you want to make the living room feel bigger, float your pieces instead of placing them against the walls. You are creating more visual space, as well as more space to walk around the living room. You are also giving your buyers an idea of what furniture can fit in this space.

Create A Conversational Layout

You also want to group your furniture together in a way that encourages conversation. One idea is to place your couch across from your chairs, with your coffee table in the center of the arrangement. This arrangement also pinpoints the traffic flow of the living room.

Hide The Excess Pieces In Your Living Room

Another tip is to hide the excess or oversized pieces in a closed-off room, friend’s home or storage unit. This way, you are making it easier for your buyers to imagine their own furniture in this space. Plus, it gives you more space to float and rearrange your furniture.

Utilize Empty Spaces

While you do not want to clutter your space with furniture, there are certain spaces you do not want to leave empty. Instead, you want to show your buyers how they can use certain areas of the living room. For example, a desk in a nook creates a small office, while a seat in front of the window creates a cozy place to read.

Your living room is a space that needs to appeal to your buyers, so you want to float your furniture while grouping them to promote conversation.

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