If you have a small bedroom, it is easy to feel discouraged when it is time to stage your small bedroom. However, it is not impossible to sell your home even with a smaller space. The following tips can help you stage a small bedroom to make it look bigger.

Declutter When You Stage A Small Bedroom

The first thing you want to do is clear out the clutter in your bedroom. It creates more visual and physical space for your buyers. While decluttering, you also want to remove the excess furniture. Your bed, nightstand, and dresser are enough to show off your space. In addition, you want to declutter the top of your nightstand and dresser, with just your lamp or flower arrangement on display.

Downsize Your Furniture

You can also make the bedroom feel bigger by downsizing your furniture. If you have a king-size bed, trade it in for a queen-size or full-size bed. A dresser with eight drawers can be replaced with a dresser with five drawers. You can also place your bedroom vanity in storage or at a friend’s house until moving day. However, consider keeping the mirror, as it can make your space feel bigger.

Light Up The Room

It is no secret that a brighter room feels bigger, so be sure to light up your bedroom. Open your window during the open house to let in the natural light. If you still need more light, place a lamp in each corner to brighten up your space. You also want to turn on your overhead or pending lights, as this can brighten up the whole room.

You do not need to feel discouraged when staging a small bedroom for your potential buyers. There are plenty of tricks for making space feel bigger. It also shows buyers that a small bedroom can still feel cozy.